3 Improvements That You Will See Within Your Home When You Get It Damp Proofed.


A home is a significant investment in your future and one that you should be trying to protect. You went through the difficult process of getting a mortgage from your lender which involved mountains of paperwork and then had to gather together the 10% deposit from your savings. It seems strange, then, that you wouldn’t be prepared to take additional necessary steps to protect the single biggest spend that you have ever done and will very likely, never do again. We are always getting advice about what we should do to protect our property and at the top of that list of things to do is to damp proof your home if it is needed.

Damp proofing is something that we need to accept is there and we get this advice from highly qualified individuals who know what they are talking about and have seen this before many times. In order to avail yourself of the right damp treatment in Richmond, you need to make an appointment with your local damp and waterproofing company and get them out to make an assessment of your property. When you choose one, look at reviews that you have seen online and pick the one who took the time to properly explain to their customers the benefits of undertaking such a job.

You will notice a number of improvements after your home has been damp proofed and here are just some of them.

  1. You probably haven’t noticed it before because you have been living in the same property for years, but you will notice a significant change in how your home smells. Damp and moisture in and around your home will create mould and if this is left untreated over a long period of time, then it will create a musty and rank smell that you have grown accustomed to. With damp proofing, the smell will go away and you will notice a marked difference in the air in your home. Putting in the right ventilation may be an easy fix and your local damp proofer can do it for you.

  1. The appearance of your home will also change because now, you can paint in the areas that you found it difficult to paint before. Any area of the walls where the paint didn’t take and you had to reapply again and again meant that there was damp in the wall. When you damp proof, you will find it easier to paint and you won’t have to keep going back to reapply over and over. This will of course save you money in decorating fees.

  1. Damp is an ongoing issue and if it isn’t treated properly by the professionals, then it is something that may affect the sale of your home should you decide to put it on the market. If you address it, however, then the new potential owner will have confidence in the property and may be willing to put in a higher bid to buy the property. Getting it done will increase the value of your home and any money spent damp proofing should be easily clawed back.

Damp proofing is a smart investment in your future and the stability of your home. It will protect your health and that of your family.