5 Best Eco-friendly Architecture Tips


Without a doubt, going “eco-friendly” is extremely popular and it is no question. The advantages of being eco conscience transcends saving the earth in unpredicted ways. When you are “eco-friendly” we frequently see instant benefits through the money we save. Using “eco-friendly architecture” when building and remodeling isn’t any exception. Listed here are 5 tips which are helping us become more earth friendly when building and remodeling:

1.Recycled materials

There aren’t any limits towards the recycled materials you can use in eco-friendly architecture designs. Reclaimed wood can be used as flooring, trim and uncovered wood ceilings. Recycled rubber tire chips may be used in landscaping. Even damaged glass fragments are used inside walls for insulation.

2.Solar power panels

Solar power panels have been in existence for a long time now, but because of advances in technology they are readily available to everyone. Their new attractive designs means they are more “eco-friendly architecture” friendly. Solar power panels are most frequently accustomed to heat pools and also to power the entire house.

3.Water collection systems

Collecting rain water isn’t a new idea. Most hardware stores carry large barrels that can be used for the only reason for collecting rain water. This water may be used to water plants in addition to a other uses limited only by ones imagination.

4.Wind generators

A very good way to use eco-friendly architecture for your property, wind generators are impressive in producing energy for your house by utilizing wind since it’s source of energy. When thinking about installing these check first together with your city to find out if code enables them.

5.Eco-friendly roofing

Eco-friendly grass roofs are appearing everywhere. Both inexpensive and engaging, it’s possible to now apply eco-friendly roofing systems for their entire roof or simply some. The additional insulation assists in keeping energy consumption lower.