Clean Out Your Home with the Help of a Skip Hire


Whether you’re clearing out your garage of old junk, removing debris from your yard, or working on an addition to your home, it’s convenient to have a skip hire on hand to hold garbage for you while you clean.

Skips come in a variety of sizes that are suitable for anyone no matter how big or small your load may be. If you are undergoing the process of cleaning and removing debris from your home, don’t do it without the help of a skip hire.

Different Types of Skips

It doesn’t matter whether you need a small skip hire in Maidenhead or a large one: there’s one in every size. They are available in a variety of sizes including:

  • 6-, 8-, or 10-yard skips
  • Mini skips and mini trucks
  • Enclosed lockable skips
  • Open-end door-drop skips

These different types of skips are suitable for any situation. Enclosed skips, for example, feature lockable loading doors at each end to prevent fly tipping. Open-end drop-door skips, on the other hand, are great for easy loading. If you’re constrained by driveway size, you’ll also be able to find a skip that suits your needs regardless of the height and width you have to work with.

Call a Skip Hire Today

Don’t let your trash sit in unsightly piles; get a skip hire instead. This way, you’ll be able to clear out your home as quickly and as smoothly as possible.