Different types of flooring


When it comes to quality materials for commercial applications, the list of popular materials isn’t very long.  Recently there has been a lot of advancement and so there are new materials that are yet to be proven. But for most purposes, tiles, paint, and epoxy, are the most common. Although there are instances where rubber flooring and even hardwood is used. If your facility is prone to spills, high traffic, or needs to be highly hygienic. You will have to be careful with what you choose, because you might have to do it all over again soon. Here is a look at commercial flooring materials and what they have to offer.

Epoxy: Epoxy is a heavyweight when it comes to commercial flooring. It has many benefits that pay dividends over time. If your application is a garage, for instance, garage epoxy services in Adelaide are easily found through an Internet search. Garages can be oily messy places with a lot of tools sliding and dropping onto the floor. You want a material that is easy to clean with strong cleaners, but doesn’t break down. Epoxy is hard wearing and long lasting, and it is completely unlimited in the range of colours and effects that can be applied. You can even have your logo applied to the floor and preserved under an epoxy topcoat. Epoxy is also good for food services and other areas that need to be very hygienic and are cleaned frequently.

Paint: The major advantages of paint, is the skill level required to apply it, and the cost. Paint is an easy solution, and sometimes that makes it the best solution. There are paints that are specifically for flooring and they do hold up well under certain condition.

Tiles: Tiles are used extensively, in large malls and public buildings. They have been proven to be long lasting, but the more suited they are for commercial application, the less beautiful they seem to be, and the more beautiful they are, the more expensive too.

Rubber: Rubber flooring is an excellent choice for areas where you either are trying to cushion the floor, like a gym, or playroom. Or where you want to create a non-slip floor. It is not a great choice for areas where objects commonly slide or drag across the surface.

Very often the quality of your flooring material is only as good as the way it was applied, so if you don’t hire an experienced professional. Even the best floor can be a disaster. Make sure you do all the research first.