Should You Buy or Build Your New Home?


Buying a pre-owned home may feel like an easier process. You do not have to organise construction crews, and your new home can be move-in ready quickly. On the other hand, when you are looking at pre-owned homes, you may start to realise that you will have to compromise in areas that you did not expect.

For example, you may have wanted a master bedroom walk-in closet and a dual bathroom sink with four bedrooms, but can only find three-bedroom homes with these features. There are many benefits to building a home. You will not have to compromise on your wants with your money.

Custom Is Not Expensive

It is expensive to purchase a home. You may feel that custom-made homes often come with a high price tag. However, more people are building homes because of the long-term savings.

When you build a home, everything is brand-new. A pre-owned home may appear shiny when you first move in, but soon you will have to service the heating and cooling systems. The home systems will break faster. You will start bleeding money in repair costs.

Home Inspections

How old is the roof? Did you know that roofs that are compromised often pass inspection? A roof with small amounts of hail damage is greatly weakened, but will pass most home inspections. If a roof has one or two missing shingles, the previous homeowners may pay for a quick repair. It may only be a year before you notice leaks, and interior damage. Roof replacement can cost thousands of pounds.

As with the roof, other systems in the home can pass housing inspections and fail soon after. While the inspector ensures that the system is in good working order, every system slowly degrades with time. When parts are maintained, they still only have a specified lifetime. All the systems in a newly built home are new. They will outlast pre-owned and used homes.

An Easy Process

A general contractor will coordinate the house building (known as การสร้างบ้าน in Thai) process. You can focus on work and your family while a general contractor manages the various sub-contractors. They are experienced in managing multi-level projects.

If you are worried about the complications of building your home, a general contractor makes it easy on you. They will answer calls, schedule supply deliveries, and coordinate timely installation. They will also ensure that the subcontractors are paid on time.