The Top 2 Situations Where You Will Need Better Sound Insulation.


Many people say that privacy is just a myth and it is something that is impossible to have and many agree with them. There is a well-known saying that your castle is your home and while that used to be true, it no longer applies. Purchasing a home nowadays involves buying one of many houses in the housing estate where the contractor has built 30 to 50 houses that all look exactly the same. These houses are built right beside each other and it is only a few meters separating you from your neighbours. This means that every time you look out of your window, your neighbour is looking right back at you and when he or she wants to play loud music, this is something that you have to put up with.

You could take some steps yourself to protect you and your family and it can be quite straightforward to get the privacy that you crave. You can now use sound insulation rockwool (known as ฉนวนกันเสียง ร็อควูล rockwool in Thai) in the walls and roof of your home to drown out all of the noise that is coming from outside. The following are just some situations when you might find that better insulation provides all of the answers.

  1. Noisy neighbours – The unfortunate thing about putting into a new property is that you can’t pick your neighbours and many people nowadays are very selfish when it comes to the noise that they create. Some people like to play a lot of music inside their house and outside their home as well and so having the correct sound insulation in place will help to drown out most of it.
  2. Living beside a school – We all love children but living beside a school and having to listen to them at every break time is incredibly hard because they create a great deal of noise. We probably picked a home beside a school because it was incredibly convenient for your kids nowadays are coming back to bite you on the ass. With the right sound insulation, all of that noise can be outside where it should be.

If your home is located near a busy road then you’re going to hear all of the cars driving past 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Adding some sound insulation to your home provides you with all of the answers and it gives you the privacy that you deserve.