The Very Real Dangers of Asbestos


Asbestos is a very harmful substance that is banned in most countries, and for good reason, as inhaling minute slivers of this naturally occurring substance can cause serious respiratory diseases such as lung cancer and asbestosis. Simply banning the use of asbestos isn’t the answer to the problem, as we used this harmful material for many years before we realised how harmful it really is, which means that in Australia, there are still many buildings that contain this very dangerous material.

Commercial or Domestic Renovations

In the event asbestos is present in a building, there is no immediate threat, as the material is harmless unless it is disturbed, and should you even suspect the presence of asbestos when you are carrying out renovation work, there is asbestos removal in Perth from an established company who can test for the presence of asbestos. Once sheeting that contains asbestos is removed from its fixings, this will send minute slivers of the asbestos fibres into the air, and should they be inhaled, this could cause serious injury. The problem with asbestos contamination is it will not cause health issues immediately, indeed a person could have inhaled the substance many years ago before symptoms show.

Older Properties

The issue with asbestos is more likely in older properties that were built before the 1970s, as asbestos was still widely used in those days, so if you live in a property that was built before the 1970s, there is a chance it does contain asbestos. Rather than take any chances, you could contact an asbestos removal specialist, who can pay you a visit and carry out tests to determine whether or not asbestos is present in the building.

Ways in Which Asbestos Was Used

Asbestos is a naturally occurring substance that was primarily used in construction due to its great insulation properties and its amazing fire resistance, and here are some of ways in which the material would be incorporated into buildings.

  • Pressed sheets that are used for cladding and boarding.
  • Behind fireplaces
  • Ceiling sheeting
  • Sometimes found behind single layer walls

The main risk to asbestos exposure is when you decide to renovate and start to remove existing building materials, and should asbestos be present and you do not realise this, removing the asbestos will cause slivers to become airborne and if these are inhaled, it could cause you serious health issues at some point in the future.

Expert Asbestos Detection & Removal Services

The asbestos removal industry is huge, as many specialist companies are involved in the detection and removal of this very dangerous material. It will take many years before we can safely say that Australia is asbestos free and there are still thousands of buildings that contain this harmful substance.

Wherever you live in Australia, you will never be far from an asbestos removal specialist and if you think there might asbestos in your home or factory, you are advised to make contact with an industry specialist who can carry out tests to determine whether or not the substance is present in the building.