What If I Have Curved Stairs? Can I Get a Stairlift?


Many people have seen stairlifts portrayed in films or on television and noticed that most of those stairlifts are on straight stairs. It is understandable why many people question whether you can have a stairlift with curved stairs. The answer is yes. Consider the following two reasons why stairlifts work just as well on curved stairs.

Curved Stairs Run on a Different Track Than Straight Stairs

The straight stairs you most likely have seen run on a track installed inside the wall. Curved stairs often run on a track that is on your bannister side of the stairs. The stairlift runs along a bar that is like a track for your stairlift.

This means that you may lose some of the room on your stairs for this bar, but it is not so in the way that you could not hold onto the railing as you walk up the stairs.

So, if you are looking for curved stair lift prices in Lichfield, look for a company that has been doing curved stair installations for many years.

The Same Chair Technology Works in Both Kinds of Stairs

Although the track is different, the functionality of the chairs is entirely the same. You still control the starting, stopping, and speed of your chair.

So the chair itself is engineered with the best quality in mind. Choose a company who has completed the installation work for years to get the best possible track installation. Companies that have done this for years are the most trusted ones for your project.