What to Do if You Have a Blocked Drain


A blocked drain isn’t just annoying. It can be smelly and unpleasant, and you may find it stops your plumbing system from working properly. You can end up with backed up water and even sewage, which can damage your home. So, what do you do if you have a blocked drain to deal with?

Check the extent of the damage

Some blockages can be dealt with at home, so look at:

  • How fast the water drains, if at all
  • Whether a plunger will clear the drain
  • If sink unblockers will clear it – these are available in most supermarkets

You shouldn’t use tools like a coat hanger to try and force the blockage through, as this will damage the pipes. If the above doesn’t work, then it’s important not to mess with it further.

Call out a plumber

A plumber will be able to clear a blocked drain, even if it’s more serious than originally thought. It’s worth considering calling out an emergency plumber Doncaster as soon as you discover drain problems. They will easily find the source of the blockage and ensure it’s removed quickly, without doing further damage.

When you have a blocked pipe, it’s important not to try and unscrew it or mess with it too much, as this is when damage is done! Call out a plumber, as they’re the best people to deal with it, so that you don’t have to worry. Once it’s cleaned out, you can go back to enjoying your home and use your plumbing system again.