Electrical Repairs That You Could Try Yourself


Sometimes electrical circuits and appliances stop working or, become temperamental. The answer is almost always logical, there will be something that is causing the problem, perhaps a loose connection or, a component that has seen better days, don’t just throw money away though, there are some things you might be able to fix yourself;

Loose wall sockets

Whilst it may start off as bit of any annoyance, a loose wall socket can become a big danger, especially if you continue unplug and insert new appliances regularly. You could soon see it hanging from the wall being held in place by the mains wires! Turn off your electricity at the mains, or isolate the room if you have a circuit that will allow it and check the screws, maybe they have just become loose and you can tighten them.

Fridge Freezer

One of the biggest disappointments is if, or when your fridge freezer stops working. A quick search for a new fridge freezer in Leeds should provide you with local new and used suppliers, or they might be able to fix it for you. Sometimes just leaving it to sit there to defrost can have a surprising effect. Some machines that appear dead can suddenly come alive again.


Sometimes your electrics will ‘trip’ usually indicating that there is a faulty appliance or part of the circuit has become damaged somehow. Most of the time a simple check of the fuses of your appliances and a bit of ‘process of elimination’ followed by a replacement fuse is all that is needed.