Taking the Stress out of Moving Day


Moving your home or office to a new location provides the opportunity for a lot of stress, but that doesn’t need to be the result. A home or office removal can be organised and efficient if you take steps ahead of time to make it so. Here are some suggestions.

  • Removal Specialists: The number one way to make a move easy on the nerves is to hire removal specialists that are experienced and personable. Find a company that is highly recommended and local. Treat them right, and be clear about your needs, and you will find your belongings will be in excellent hands. Local removals in East Dulwich can be arranged through an Internet search.
  • Labels and Lists: the worst part of packing and unpacking is losing track of essential items. Ideally, you want everything to be delivered to the right room. Organisation can be your magic system. When you pack, pack for the destination. So, everything in a box should be going to the same room. Write down everything in each box on a list and put that list in the box. Then label the boxes clearly.
  • Children and Pets: If your children are not likely to be helpful, find someone to take care of them for the day, and the same applies to pets. If possible, bring your pets in a few days later, after you have got much of the unpacking finished.
  • High Priority Items: For a house removal, there will be several items you will need right away: toiletries, simple groceries, dishes and cookware, and bedding. Please make sure these are put where you can get at them right away.