Air Compressor Is Not Working and Need Emergency Repair


It is annoying whenever you will need to use an air compressor and you find out is not working. There are several kinds of air compressors used around the world, and although lots of them might look different from others or might vary in size or height or any area, it has similarities which will enable you to check by yourself why an air compressor is refusing to start.

A compressed air system Emergency Repair Service requires the following process

Checking for power in the air compressor

Do not plug an air compressor into a power strip or a power bar. Make sure you plug the compressor into a wall socket directly. There might be a failure when making use of the power strip. Move the compressor closer to the wall socket, making sure the wall socket has power and plug in your compressor. If it doesn’t work, try another step.

The air pressure in the tank

If an air compressor refuses to start, make sure you check the gauge to know what the pressure reading is at the moment. Why you have to do this is because, if the pressure switch is set with a pressure cut which is below the pressure in the tank, the switch of the compressor has not flipped on and there’s no power which is flowing into the motor of the air compressor, therefore the motor will not start.

Empty the compressor tank

Unplug the compressor or shut it off. You can empty the tank by fixing an air tool to the hose and blowing off the air. You can empty the compressor tank by opening the drain valve and allowing all the air to blow out the drain. You should put on a hand glove when doing this. This will blow out the air out of the tank and also ensure that the internal workings of the pressure release valve are working.

Why you should empty the tank

By emptying the tank, you are doing the work of the unloader valve in case the one on the compressor isn’t functioning well. Draining all the air out of the tank enables all trapped air over the compressor piston to leave through the tank. If there was any air which was trapped, the extra load on the compressor must have blocked the compressor from turning on.

Knowing that power is reaching the compressor doesn’t insinuate that power is reaching the motor.